Rebuilding the Ruins Brick by Brick

I am an award winning poet and writer with a love for loving. Devoid of love for many, many years she learned to become the love she was searching for all of her life. She has experienced and overcome a plethora of obstacles from child molestation, teenage pregnancy, siblings murdered, and abject poverty before even graduating from high school. Significant childhood trauma led to marital drama and subsequent divorces.


Andrea is a firm believer that not only can you survive the throes of this life, but you can thrive. She is living proof that it is never too late to be who the Divine has called you to be. She challenges people to take a chance on themselves yet again. With a firsthand experience of extensive traumatic occurrences, Andrea does not only empower others to thrive through turbulent times, but also supports them in their recovery journeys. Defined by her unwavering faith, she strives to help others “rebuild the ruins”. 


An academic leader and former elementary school teacher by profession, Andrea has spent the last twenty years teaching in public schools, coordinating women empowerment conferences/workshops, and developing summer camps for youth. 

Her latest work, The Book of “R”, a poetic journal infused with poetry that begins with the 1-8th letter of the alphabet, is uplifting and encouraging. Andrea is a doctoral student studying Global Leadership and Change.