"Blessed By Your Presence"
I met a beautiful spirit today. I went in for an interview that was rescheduled because the confirmation email wasn’t sent. However, I believe that was all in God’s plan. During the interview, I felt like Ms. Carter wanted to speak but allowed me to speak. After the interview was almost over I asked a question and God opened a space of honesty and a prophet spoke through me! Ms. Carter laid hands on me and read me like a book she told me I was a Licensed Procrastinator and I was holding on regrets of leaving my brother in another state and he was murdered and I was still holding on resentment toward myself and his murderer. I have been harboring fear of failure and being lazy with my gifts and talents. No one would ever believe that this happened to me in an INTERVIEW! Ms. Carter saw and revealed these issues and distractions in my life she shared her life story with me and I have been inspired ever since to become a better me! She gave me scripture and affirmations to study and speak to myself! I have never met a stranger in the human realm but, one of God Angels that loves on me and touch my spirit and changed my life. I am forever grateful. I appreciate you for your honesty and leadership! I’m excited to buy your book. To God be the glory and I thank God for you! 
Lekonja Harrington, Milwaukee​