The Book of "R"

The Book of “R”: WOMAN THOU ARE

My book, The Book of “R”: Woman Thou Are launches July 27th-the month of freedom.  Between the covers of, “The Book of “R”: Woman Thou Are”, lies a compilation of 21 rejuvenating poems of reigning in the world as a Woman of Influence, a Woman of Power and a Woman of Soundness. It encourages you to embrace your truth and be free to be who you are.  We experience an abundance of “situations” in our lives that are beyond our control, but what we do with them is all in our control.  Do you “sit” idly and allow life to pass you by or simply happen to you or do you “act” as if the situation will work out for your benefit.  Your very response to the situation tremendously influences your outcome or the results of the matter.  This poetic journal allows you to explore and discover who you are, what you are made of and whose you are…It will support your quest to recover from life’s greatest challenges in the midst of your sorrow. Never give up.  Keep the faith.  God was then and is now our all.  Through Him you can and will. You win. 

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