The Book of “R”

This poetry journal allows you to explore and discover who you are as a woman, what you are made of and who you are.

Between the covers of The Book of R: Woman Thou Are, lies a Christian poetry anthology of 21 rejuvenating poems of reigning in the world as an influential woman, a powerful woman and a Woman of Soundness. We experience an abundance of situations in our lives that are beyond our control, but what we do with them is all in our control.  You will find inspiration and rejuvenation in this powerful collection of poetry for women, grounded in the comfort of Christian faith.

Do you sit idly and allow life to pass you by or simply happen to you or do you “act” as if the situation will work out for your benefit? Your very response to the situation tremendously influences your ability to overcome challenges and keep the faith. Remember delay doesn’t mean relay. God was then and is now our all; through Him you can and will.

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