This poetry journal allows you to explore and discover who you are as a woman and what you are made of

The Book Of "R"

Woman thou are born to thrive.Your now is not your future.Make each day count with the best of who you are



As you a victim of childhood trauma,abuse and adult misuse,shame,guilt,resentment,depression,loneliness and anxiety?


Remember when times got tough and the storms of life were tumultuous and rough.
Remember when you had serious struggles-hills of bills and mountain of pills.
You can take control of your life, reach your full potential, and create unprecedented happiness and success with – The Book of “R”. This book helps you get to your awesome place… Woman Thou Are born to thrive! A place you shall begin to believe in yourself, the freedom to be who you’re and let the freedom out.

The Book of R_cover-v3


Have you ever asked any of the following questions like?

  • How can I achieve my goals and keep my life in balance?
  • How can I discover new purpose in life style?
  • How to find the old me again that seems lost and gone forever?
  • How to know if you need to seek help and where to go?
  • How to reclaim your own wellness?

In this book, you shall learn:

1. How to find your purpose and know who you’re as a woman

2. How to own your voice and make an impact where you are
3. How to unleash the potential within you
4. How to turn your challenge into success as a woman
5. How to be self-determined, independent and self-entrepreneur
6. How to stand out and be courageous among your peers